Class Details

We would like to thank you for choosing Carolinas Custom Defense for your CWP needs. There have been a few changes in our class agenda.

We will now meet at either Carolina Sporting Arms at 8055 South Blvd. Charlotte, NC OR at The Front Porch at 3072 Lancaster Hwy, Richburg, SC 29729 at 9am on morning of class instead of Cabela’s.

Please check the description of your class when you order to derive locational information.

We ask that you bring to the class your safety glasses, ear protection (over the ear is mandatory for shooting range) if you do not own a set they can be purchased at range… also your gun that you would like to qualify with and 50 rounds of ammo for SC class or 30 rounds for NC class.

ALL SC CLASSES MUST HAVE A HOLSTER… If you are not sure of type please call me at 772-418-5911.

No open toed shoes are allowed in shooting range. Please don’t forget driver’s license and note pad.

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